57.3 pounds and still growing!

We figured she’d be about a 40 pound dog when we first got her.   Her mom (A Husky) was about that size although “dad” (German Shepherd) appeared to be about 70 pounds or so.   She is now four days shy of being 6 months old so most growth charts predict she will end up being around 75 pounds or so when fully grown.

She is already quite powerful, as I will attest to.   The other day, in an ice covered parking lot, she pulled me off of my feet and put me on crutches for a couple of days.    Connecting oneself via a rope to nearly 60 pounds of energetic puppy who can somehow find traction on glare ice is probably not going to end up being one of my better ideas, as is my choice of tug-a-rope as our “go-to” play toy as I now fully expect at some point to find myself on the floor in front of the couch.

I love the above photo as it shows her basic good nature as well as a slightly mischievous side.  You also can’t help but notice that her gaze, probably due to the blue eyes, is quite intense, and you always notice when she is looking right at you.

It’s also easy to forget that her size makes her intimidating to some people (although it doesn’t seem to affect our two cats, who have dominated the puppy since she was their size):   the other day I was taking her for a walk and we passed two teenage boys going the other way.    She loves (most) people and started to pull the leash in their direction when they both stopped dead in their tracks, looked at each other and then all three of them “froze” for a couple of seconds.    The finally decided that she wasn’t going to break free from me and attack them, and they continued on their way, trailing a strong odor of reefer behind them.    Shelby, evidently doing a good impersonation of a Police Dog.

Shelby7In a “food coma” the day after Christmas, resting her head on a pillow.shelby8 shelbysnow4Shelby’s first snow adventure in the Laguna Mountains.   She is as sure footed as a mountain goat in the snow.     She loves to romp through it even more than water or tall grass, her previous favorite “romping mediums”.   She will chase snowballs and look  with wonder when they disintegrate as she  bites them.

Whatever size she becomes, she’s already part of the family and it’s hard to imagine not having her around the house.  Even the cats seem to be used to her.
animal christmasCats making sure that Shelby doesn’t decide my pedalboard is a dog toy.

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